Season's Greetings & Wishes for Health, Prosperity and Success in 2022!

December 2021

With the advent of online communication during this "new normal", we have gathered together despite geographic distances. At such times when a face is masked or when it is difficult to see another's full body, we instinctively focus on the eyes to get insight into others. "Instinct, Insight, Intuition" is the significance of the words my hand is pointing to on this canvas I came across in Harajuku.

Have you heard about the uniquely human trait of the "whites of the eye"? The whites of the eyes of monkeys, our closest primate relatives, are not as white as those of humans. Apparently, only humans have developed the whites of their eyes for "white eye communication". (This is referred to as the "Cooperative Eye Hypothesis".) We instinctively use the whites of our eyes to get insight into the mental state of others and develop rapport. Conversely, in other animals, showing the white of an eye can be dangerous.

About 2 million years ago, when humans appeared on the earth, we survived by helping each other; we developed the ability to communicate with our eyes in order to quickly exchange information.

Let's continually communicate with each other on a deeper level  to enrich our lives.

*Inspiration from "The Whites of the Moai" by Hiromi Kobayashi

I look forward to seeing the whites of your eyes in 2022!

Bryan Sherman

Gramercy Engagement Group, Inc.


In years past, our greeting cards have been designed with the inspiration of the "jumping/ flying Bryan" theme: 「飛ぶらいあん」(to-bu-rai-an). In Japanese, the word "to-bu" means "to jump or fly". Bryan is phonetically spelled "bu-rai-an". In conjunction, this theme sprung forth.  「飛ぶらいあん」 remains this year in spirit. Scroll down to see our past greetings.

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